Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's Next??

Wow - a month has gone by since I posted... I am trying to plan a few things - I am contemplating a trip to Spokane to check out the Farm Chicks antique show - June 7 & 8. I know that's a few months from now but I want to try to accomplish a lot this spring and summer! Also - on the agenda - a trip in August to California. I have a 30 (yes, 30!) year high school reunion this summer. At least, it's in the planning stages... I think it will be a great time! I don't think I've seen most of these people in 25 years or more. It will be interesting... Here's a photo of where I went to high school ... Chester, CA by Lake Almanor. I mean, this isn't the high school, but it's in the town right next to this lake!