Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

My youngest daughter has started 6th grade this year (the other 3 are out of college) - and believe it or not, I am back in school again! When I took a position at the University I let my K-8 teaching certification lapse (I've taught grades 5-8). That was 15 years ago ~  I'm still unemployed as of June 30 so I decided to take one class at MSU to regain my certification. I'm really excited to be a student again. I'm taking an upper level class - History of the West (US)... technology has certainly advanced at the university level since I graduated. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Fabric

I am obsessed with vintage fabrics/linens. I try to control myself but it's nearly impossible. I limit myself to fairly small and inexpensive pieces. At some point I may even make something out of them, but for now I'm content to place them on a shelf or on my worktable to just touch and to look at! Here is a stack of recent purchases. I wish I could have found a bit more of that beautiful salmon-colored velveteen!Soon I will share a little project I'm working on - I might use a bit of these fabrics!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KC Willis

I have also mentioned one of my favorite fabric artists, KC Willis, a time or two. I just recently purchased one of her "KC In A Box" DVD sets, which also includes a collection of goodies and a beautiful little fabric collage on the box! A great deal, really! She will only have them available until August 25th, so please visit her blog for more info and a chance at a fantastic giveaway!

You may also want to visit her here - http://studioretreats.ning.com/ to see what tempting workshops she has to offer, both in her awesome studio (in Colorado) and at various locations around the country! Check it out.
I'd love a chance to dig through all her fabric stashes!

Also - you may take an online workshop with KC - Collage Camp - which looks great. Learn more about it here - http://www.collagecamp.ning.com/

Lovely Artist

I have mentioned Cori Dantini in a previous post. I really love her artwork and just purchased this wonderful piece. I'm sure I will add to my collection soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy Summer!

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Not quite sure myself... We just recently moved to a new house so that's taken up most of my time! But it's been great going through a lot of stuff, tossing things I no longer need. Making space for more....! I will share photos of the new place soon, but until then I am busy working on a presentation for our local summer quilt fest - Quilts on the Lawn . Our Museum of the Rockies lets us present some of their antique quilts (from their collections that very rarely get seen by the public). It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about local history and see some fantastic quilts! Then there is the wonderful outdoor quilt show - with new and old quilts! Quite a wonderful display. I'm so excited. Here are some photos of last year's Quilts on the Lawn - it's held at an old elementary school that has been turned into an art center! I promise I'll have more to share soon!