Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finding things to make me happy...

I'd really like sunshine and warmth, but since I can't have that I'm searching ETSY and I found some really awesome things to inspire me! Here are a few of my favorites. I haven't got the photo-thingy down where you can tile a bunch of favorites. I need to work on that! So - my theme is paperdolls.... I love Danita's artwork (bottom) Her little girl drawings remind me of me when I was little! Also - I really think Bird and Flower dolls (middle) are exquisite. One more - tho' not found on Etsy are Donald Hendricks paperdolls (top) This is the coolest site. You can look at tons of paperdolls and dress them in different outfits - plus you can order them... delicious stuff! Ok. I need to find more paperdolls. Any suggestions?

I'm very SAD

I think I have SAD. It's snowy AGAIN... a few days ago we had a 70 degree day, now it's back to snowy and cold. Later this week it's supposed to be lows of 11 degrees and highs of 32 degrees. I'm so over it. But, this is typical for SW Montana. It's making me grouchy and I don't feel very creative. I had my quilt group meeting the other night, and I got very inspired so maybe that will help! I'm still pondering my giveaway. Stay tuned...

Friday, April 04, 2008

I won a "giveaway"

I won this very adorable flower brooch from Isis at Paper Flower Girl. She's a Belgian jewelry designer! I love her work! I have won quite a few treasures lately so stay tuned - it's about time for my own blog giveaway! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Speaking of the outdoors and camping...

In my previous post I mentioned that I love camping and the outdoors. I grew up in Northern California (yes, I mean the true northern part of the state above Sacramento) and spent every summer camping with my family! I now live in one of the most awesome 'outdoor' places in the country - Montana! We're only 90 miles north of Yellowstone Park. It is truly a gift to live here. If you're kind of an outdoor girl or long to be - how about this? I love visiting the Mary Jane's Farm website - she always has something new going on. I found out she has a bed and breakfast right on the farm - wouldn't you just love to stay in one of these? Doesn't really resemble the camping I've done but I definitely want to check this out! Follow the link for more photos of her farm! (PS - it's in Idaho)