Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love This!

First of all, if you haven't signed up for my giveaway in honor of my 200th post, please add a comment to the post here! I will choose a winner on May 5th! Not sure what I'm giving away yet, but it will be an assortment of vintage goodies and whatever other kinds of fun things I can find! Also, I was very lucky to win this beautiful little embroidery from Jenny at Yarn Soup! I love it! Please check out her blog here! Thanks for all your recent comments. Life is good! I'm ready for adventure! Here is what I won! (photos courtesy of Jenny's blog!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

200 Posts Giveaway

This is my 200th post! Wow. Can't believe it. I love having a blog, I love reading blogs. I admit I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be and I'd love to spend some time updating it! But, for now I do what I can! Lots of changes are in store for me - my job is ending June 30th - not by choice - victim of downsizing! I've turned 50! I have four wonderful kids (three grown)! I have a guy in my life who is pretty special. Sometimes I feel like I'm just beginning. I actually feel pretty positive about it! What do I do? Where do I go? Lots to think about. I just visited Laura at 52 Flea - one of my top 10 favorite and inspiring blogs. I signed up for an absolutely fantastic giveaway - a dream giveaway, and guess what? I won! Wow. I so needed this! Maybe it's the beginning of good things to come? Anyway, back to the 200 posts! I think it's time for me to have a giveaway as well. I'm thinking that I will need some time to collect a few things, so leave a comment on this post until May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), then I'll choose a winner at midnight! Thanks for stopping by! Jamie

Friday, April 16, 2010

Late Night Creativity

I finally have a 'free' evening. I am working on pages for another journal in the swap I'm participating in! The theme for this one is vintage look/gardens... some of my favorite things! I am going to use this 'lace paper' and fabric pieces from Cotton Scraps which I found at a new store in town Simply Fresh Arts!

Too Busy?

Wow - several weeks breeze by and and I haven't written at all! Work has been busy, so I really haven't been focusing on anything creative, even in the off-hours - though I have read a few good books and I've even hosted a workshop! Spending a lot of time updating my resume. My job is ending June 30th - kind of scary! Our grant will not be funded in the same capacity so I get to look for a new job! I'd love to be able to make a living doing something at home, but not sure what that would be~ but I am excited about change! That's never really bothered me! I have been reading a few Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris! They are pretty short reads - about all I can handle - I love mysteries! She is going to actually be traveling by train from Minnesota to Seattle this summer, with a few stops in Montana. I think I'll try to go see her! The other book I just had to have is Treasured Notions by Kaari Meng. This is fantastic!