Monday, July 19, 2010

Fire Near the Cabin

As we traveled to the lake this past weekend, we were surprised to find huge plumes of smoke coming from the direction of our cabin! We sort of nervously chuckled at first - it can't be near us - but in fact it was within a mile or so! Many folks were evacuated but they got it under control by the following day. Very smoky, very scary! We still managed to get on the boat for a ride!

Back on Track

Finally over the computer virus - hopefully. I don't like having my photos on the verge of being lost forever! I have been having a fantastic summer - lots of time at the cabin at the lake and finding vintage treasures but struggling to move forward as a 'jobless person'. I'm trying to see this as a positive - I'm certainly enjoying free time during our extremely short summers in SW Montana! I found the most wonderful vintage tablecloth, blue canning jars, old spool of thread, metal stencils (complete sets of numbers and letters!), jello molds, a beautiful silver serving spoon, and this incredible rusty muffin tin!! Now I just need a place to put all of this!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Post

I"m afraid I have a bit of a computer virus.... taking awhile to figure it out! Please check back really soon~ I have lots to share from the past few weeks~ Jamie