Friday, August 18, 2006

Beryl Taylor Book Has Arrived!

Wow! I ordered this book on Tuesday and it arrived today! I have been wanting this for awhile. It's absolutely wonderful! I love Beryl Taylor's work and her book from the Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper Scissors folks is a treat!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Artfest picture

I made this figure in Liz McGrath's "Creepy Crafts" class. What a great learning experience. I haven't completed the doll, but I had to dress her up for Gallery Night...!

More Artfest 2006 photos...

Here is a picture of the house I made in Nina Bagley's "It Takes A Village" workshop! I would recommend ANY class she teaches!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wow! Two posts in one day!

Just wanted to mention my boys' band site - Silica - as they have several gigs coming up this month! Zack and Nick are mine...(Zack on the left, Nick on the right)

Starting Again?

I had every intention of starting this blog long, long ago but time always seems to slip away! We'll see what happens. Since the Artfest 2007 workshops/info have been posted on Teesha's site, I have posted a photo I took at Artfest (Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA) this year. It doesn't show how awesome it really is but as this was the 1st of April and I live in Montana, the site of green grass and ocean water made this 'land-locked' girl extremely happy! I've already decided on the workshops I want to take for 2007, but I keep going back to the other descriptions .... just in case I change my mind! More Artfest pics later.