Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something Else You Might Like

This is a photo of a vintage beaded 'flapper' dress from the 1920's. It belonged to my grandmother, Helen. I keep it on a dress form in my studio. I have four different dresses which belonged to my grandma and I like to rotate them to show them off instead of leaving them to collect moths in an old trunk! I think I want to name the mannequin as someone had mentioned on another blog (I'll find that post and link to it...). That person had named it after some relatives. I think if I named mine it would be Ruby Malinda Beatrice Nell after my four great-grandmothers. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing and beautiful dress! What a great heirloom and family treasure to have! :)

Jackie said...

Our Mannequin is called Constance Truelove after the lady who gave it to me..yes really!