Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me Me - 8 Random Things - long post!

I'm not really good at this sort of thing - I've done some before where I answer specific questions but listing 8 random things about myself is a bit more difficult... But, at the request of Jewelgirl - I will do it! (I don't know why the last few are crammed together...Blogger won't let me fix it!)

1. I do not like to shop. Period. If I had my way I would order things only online and have my groceries delivered... I don't mind going to the quilt shop or the bookstore - but please don't ask me to shop for clothes or to go hang at the mall... sometimes a trip downtown is pleasant - during Christmas Stroll, Sweet Pea Festival, Art Walk or to visit one of the many local coffee shops.

2. I did not want kids - EVER... I used to babysit when I was younger - some of the most bratty kids. I swore when I was a senior in high school (1978) that I was going to be a 'business woman' or an architect - never a mom! I did go to college to be an architect but alas - life stepped in, I met a guy and ended up with FOUR kids. The marriage only lasted long enough to have kids then I was gone. I wouldn't change the kid part for anything! I adore them.

3. I hate spitting. There are very few things I can't handle - especially after raising 4 kids by myself! But I draw the line at spitting. I know it's disgusting to mention this but if I have a pet peeve, this is it. If I have to spit, it makes me gag. If I hear someone else or see someone spitting - especially one of those gut-to-throat-thick-nasty-ones-that-end-up-on-the-ground-where-I-walk-and-then-accidently-see-it-kind, I pretty much always produce a 'baby barf'.... you know what I'm talking about. Enough said.

4. I adore vintage fabric, fiber, lace, buttons, etc. When I see something like this and get to touch it - it makes my hands tingle. I've always had dreams about finding vintage goods. The first was that I came across an old vacant house out in the middle of nowhere. I stepped inside and it was like I just stepped into the 1800's. There were old quilts, old clothes, awesome furniture... the second dream was that I was out in the woods (where I grew up in Northern California) and I came across an old, wrecked stagecoach (I like stagecoaches)... I found a trunk and opened it and there was a whole bunch of old jewelry, dresses, quilts, etc.... ok. I'm really weird. I did, in fact, have my dream come true in a way. When my grandma died (at age 96) I got a trunk she had kept in her room for ever and ever. She kept all kinds of things like old letters, jewelry, dolls, photos, dresses. As the eldest grandchild I got this trunk. It's like a time capsule. It's wonderful!

5. I love history - especially women's history. There are two things I'm particularly interested in - the 1920's (I think I was alive then) and the California Gold Rush (I think I was alive then, too).

6. Kandinsky (see pictures above) is one of my favorite artists. Yes, it seems odd since I really like vintage style, but his use of color and abstract sends me! Along with vintage I really like mid-century modern - I could totally live in a Neutra house. His style is the type of house I designed when I was in my architecture phase! There is actually a Neutra house in Bozeman, Montana. I drive by and dream I could own it!
7. I have never been to Disneyland or World. It's ok, really. I even grew up in California and never did the Disney thing. But we always did fun things like camping, hiking, swimming, and going to Yellowstone Park. I have really never been anywhere cool - like Mexico, Hawaii, or Europe. Nothing. I did go to Canada a few times. I have been to eight western states - that's it. I want to go to an island, to Paris, Egypt and Ireland.
8. Even though I mentioned above that I hate shopping - especially clothes shopping - I love fashion design and couture clothing... and I dress like a frumpy old lady (one of the goals I have to change about myself...). I always check out Fashion Week during the Spring and Fall Collections - and go through each designer to look at all the clothes. You can check it out here!
You'll have to check the archives for past seasons, because there isn't a show currently.

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Jewelgirl said...

You right we do have some things
in common! The Bauhaus period and
Art Deco period is my favorite also!!
I was never an artist,but I could
dream it but I could never make the
design on paper! 4 kids, I only have one and she's a handful. I can see in your needlework the nature enthusiast,I have it proudly hung on my small foyer wall! I've never been to the disney thingie either, I would much rather see the Grand Canyon! Thanks for doing the meme!
Jewelgirl :)