Friday, March 06, 2009

A Recent Day at My Parents

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom recently had a stroke and is now recovering. My parents are in the process of 'moving off the mountain' - the home they've had since 1985! My kids spent a lot of time here - We are really going to miss this place (they are about 90 miles from us, but still in MT) I visited them recently - here are a few photos - (starting at the top)

Antlers collected from around the area

View from the deck

Did I mention it is a Dome Home?

View from the window

My kitty, Tabitha, but she lives with my parents for now

Rock collection


Maija said...

Antlers were just lying around?!?!
Is you mom recovering from her stroke?

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! So beautiful. Sorry to hear that they have to give it up. I hope your mother is doing well!

Did you see that your quilt got a little more famous?

Best wishes!