Thursday, May 07, 2009

Grandma Goodies

My grandma, Helen, lived to be nearly 97 years old. She died in 2004. She told me (from the time I was a little girl) that I would get to have the trunk she kept in her room - full of all kinds of good things from the past! Recently at my parents we cleaned out some items that my mom had from her. I was the fortunate recipient of her dinnerware - china from the early '60's I believe - made in California, where my family is originally from. It's called "Poppytalk" but these flowers don't look like poppies to me. I grew up using these dishes at my grandparents home! LOVE them. My mom also gave me these three vintage pillows! The fabrics are so cool! Don't you love the patterns? I'd love to have more of this! I'll share more pics of grandma's stuff soon!

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