Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Quilt Treasure!

I attended my local quilt and textile history group meeting last night. One of the members is a fabric historian, quilter and Reproduction Fabrics store owner here in Bozeman. Often, folks from all over the country will track her down to ask questions about certain fabrics or quilts. One group (I think from the Senior Center) in her hometown area (Ohio) contacted her and said they had boxes of quilt squares and wanted some info before they gave them (or threw them) away! They sent them all to her and she was amazed to find lots of wonderful squares and pieced stars, etc. After some research she found that they were from the 1850's to early 1900's... can you imagine? Well, the Ohio group said they would sell them so they could use the money to repair the roof on the Senior Center. Our quilt store owner then offered most of them up for sale to us!!! How could I resist? She had them in bundles, so I managed to purchase these pieced stars which date from 1890 -1910. I paid a fairly good sum for them (aacckk... who needs food?). They are so wonderful. I have 25 different stars that measure about 12" x 12" each. My pictures do not do these justice. I'm in heaven! If anyone has a good idea on how I can use these I'd love to hear it! I don't think I will be making a large quilt, however! Cool, huh?

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