Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Granny Chic" Style - Doily Bowls

I got this idea from Tif at Dottie Angel... not sure how she did it but I figured out a way myself. Lace doilies turned into bowls - "granny chic" at its best. I think for the next batch I will add fabric and ribbon. Aren't they adorable? Not super strong but I can put threads, candy, etc. in them! I'm addicted!

Addendum - Do you know the history of a doily? I didn't - so Wikipedia says "A doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley, a 17th-century London draper.

Yet another website gives the following history, which I like better - "Robert D'Oilly (Great Britain) was given his Barony on condition that he gave the king three shillings' worth of linen table-cloths per year. Since lace making was one of the specialities of the region, and because Robert wanted to show off, these table-cloths were beautifully embroidered by the D'Oilly ladies, and were reserved by the king's household for great occasions. They were known as "D'Oilly's linen. But, by the nineteenth century, these "doilies" had shrunk to fussy plate-sized circles of lace. Three bob didn't go as far as the old days".


KarenSue said...

Hi Jamie, What a great idea! I'm back from your Montana and we had a great time. Planes, Trains and automobiles to get there and back.
The Farm Chick Show was amazing!
Maybe next year I can see you.
Enjoy your Sunday!

linda permann said...

Hi Jamie- If others are looking for a "how to" complete with ribbons and doodads, check out my post from Craftstylish:

I love these doily bowls. I even do crocheted bowl patterns, and everyone is amazed at how strong they can be!

Lilbirdy said...

Those are cute. My mom went on a little crochet and starch craze several years ago. I am pretty sure all she used was suger-water for starch but there is probably something commercial available too. Some of the things I liked most were the little decanter type things and beautiful globe christmas ornaments. Really pretty!