Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love Books

It was a wonderful 70 degree day here in Bozeman, so I decided to walk downtown for awhile! I had stepped into the local independent bookseller - The Country Bookshelf - and found two wonderful books that I thought I really needed, but, being temporarily unemployed, decided against it! I then went down the street to the library, and believe it or not, there was one of the books I had been looking at - right there in the 'new book' section! Great way to start the day! The first book is Patchwork for Beginners by Sue Prichard. The second book is Pocketful of Posies by Salley Mavor, a fantastic fiber artist, who just happens to tell lovely stories with her beautiful artwork!

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barbara r-g said...

i know how hard it is to pass up books. i love used book stores and local ones. yet when i]n need the library is a great place. i find that my local book store has very few craft type books. so i do spend some time online for those.