Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Long Break

Who knew that going back to school would take up so much time?? I'm only taking one class to get re-certified to teach but I feel like I'm taking a whole load! It's been a beautiful and warm autumn here in SW Montana and I've been enjoying the outdoors as well! I had my kitty here for a visit for about ten days while my parents went on vacation - she lives at their house most of the time and loves it there!

I also attended a really fun workshop at Quilts on Broadway which taught us about Promise Stitching. It's quilt-making but all done by hand! I had a great time. Here are a few photos of examples we were shown ~

Do you love miniatures? I do. I found this adorable little bed at the antique store. I'm going to make a little quilt for it. Right now I just have a few little things stacked by it!

I promise to post again soon!

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