Monday, May 30, 2011

Lacy Things

I stopped by the antique show and sale at the fairgrounds a few weeks ago. At one booth there was a sweet older couple who had several beautiful lace bonnets. I thought they were lovely but couldn't afford the price. As I spoke with them about lace and such, the woman pressed this bonnet into my hand and said that I must have it! She gave it to me! I refused, but she insisted. She said her sister in France often sends lacy items and she thought I would appreciate it! Oh my goodness. It's just beautiful! Click on the photos for a more detailed view! I am so lucky!

Another bit of lace I found.

These pillow covers aren't vintage but they will look lovely next to the antique quilts I have on the sofa!


deanna7trees said...

lovely pieces of lace. the second picture is tenerriffe lace and the last one is crochet and very beautiful. i have done crochet and tenerriffe lace and am learning bobbin lace right now. enjoyed seeing these pieces.

deanna7trees said...

oops. it's the third picture that's tenerriffe and the one after that is crochet.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look;) Happy Summer!