Monday, July 19, 2010

Fire Near the Cabin

As we traveled to the lake this past weekend, we were surprised to find huge plumes of smoke coming from the direction of our cabin! We sort of nervously chuckled at first - it can't be near us - but in fact it was within a mile or so! Many folks were evacuated but they got it under control by the following day. Very smoky, very scary! We still managed to get on the boat for a ride!


Margaret said...

Very scary! I'm so glad you are all ok! Margaret

KarenSue said...

Oh what a scary thing. This happen to us last summer in Lakeside. It was strange to get there and find the sticker on the window that said unoccupied. I'm glad yours was safe. We just returned from your beautiful Montana! I really didn't want to come home this time.
Thanks for the comments for my bag I made with your lace!
Enjoy yours

joven said...

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