Monday, July 19, 2010

Back on Track

Finally over the computer virus - hopefully. I don't like having my photos on the verge of being lost forever! I have been having a fantastic summer - lots of time at the cabin at the lake and finding vintage treasures but struggling to move forward as a 'jobless person'. I'm trying to see this as a positive - I'm certainly enjoying free time during our extremely short summers in SW Montana! I found the most wonderful vintage tablecloth, blue canning jars, old spool of thread, metal stencils (complete sets of numbers and letters!), jello molds, a beautiful silver serving spoon, and this incredible rusty muffin tin!! Now I just need a place to put all of this!

1 comment:

Sherrill said...

Ooo, I LOVE that spoon. And your lake looks GORGEOUS--can I come for a visit? LOL Montana's beautiful (but don't like the winters!).