Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

My youngest daughter has started 6th grade this year (the other 3 are out of college) - and believe it or not, I am back in school again! When I took a position at the University I let my K-8 teaching certification lapse (I've taught grades 5-8). That was 15 years ago ~  I'm still unemployed as of June 30 so I decided to take one class at MSU to regain my certification. I'm really excited to be a student again. I'm taking an upper level class - History of the West (US)... technology has certainly advanced at the university level since I graduated. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the best part buying all your supplies for school? I LOVE new notebooks and any excuse to buy books. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Shasta said...

How exciting! I wish you much success (and enjoyment) in your education and job hunting.

Alexis Marie said...
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