Monday, November 23, 2009

KC Willis Workshop! Don't Miss This Opportunity!

KC Willis is hosting a marketing workshop geared toward artists. She is putting together is an on-line workshop that you can participate in at any time, whenever you want. She will cover every subject imaginable as it pertains to marketing your work to the public. And it will be delivered in such a way that there is info there for the novice, those working and selling some already and those in the full throes of their art career, but who still want to take it up a notch into wholesale or licensing. There will be lots of videos by subject matter so you can pick and choose which ones you want to see based on the subjects that matter to you.

For the time being access to the class (which will be a lot more than a one day thing) is $144. When the videos go live in December the class will be $244. In celebration of this upcoming workshop, KC is giving away one of these..."The Women-The Flag." 50 women for the 50 stars. Big piece too...32"x50".
Check out more info on the workshop here

Also check out her blog here

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