Friday, February 15, 2013

Warner Bros Costumes

A few months ago the owner of the antique store where I used to work went to an auction where she purchased a 'lot' of costumes from Warner Bros.!! There were so many shirts, petticoats, bodices, pantaloons, aprons, etc. I couldn't make up my mind on what to purchase! Most of the items looked to be from old 'westerns' and judging by the sizes (which were very, very tiny) I'm thinking they are very old! My pictures do not do them justice. I am dazzled by all the lace, trims and muslin.What a treasure! The waists are so small they don't fit on my size 8 mannequin!

yummy old muslin and lace
love the rusty-red of the tulle
layers and layers - I think there's at least 8... 
not in great shape but pretty! 
so many layers - this petticoat weighs about 10+ pounds! 


okcamp said...

Those are gorgeous. It's getting harder and harder to find vintage clothing in really good condition. I happen to be someone who loves it "as is." And, you're right, the really old clothes are so tiny. Thankfully, the corset age has gone out of style.

Gabriela said...

These are beautiful!I loved this post!I live by Youngstown,Ohio where the first Warners Bros. theatre is!
Seeing these was such a treat!

Diana Seal said...

WOW, I love old vintage clothing!
The costumes are gorgeous, makes you wonder who wore them!!!
Thanks for sharing, such a treat!

Wendy said...

oh my goodness, you're one lucky lady!! hugs

Chai said...

I love the delicacy look. Wish I could wear these things.

nina said...

lluckeeeee! xxx