Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time Goes By!

Wow - over a month since posting! I've been really busy at my (fairly new) job. I love it - very challenging. I've never worked for such a large corporation but it suits me fine, and I get to stay in my small little mountain town. So - my creative time has shrunk a bit - I have lots of ideas for projects so check back~  Lately, I have become obsessed with these adorable little figures from Robin Ridener at Baggaraggs! Aren't they just great? I bought these two, and I know I will soon add to the collection! Hope you all have a great Easter ~ It's going to be a warm, gorgeous day here tomorrow!

This is Asparagus - by Baggaraggs! (photo by Robin Ridener)
This is Vera Hottingham by Baggaraggs! (photo by Robin Ridener)


Eugenia Maru said...

Tienes un lindo blog. Me encanta lo vintage, y lo que compró el dueño de la tienda no tiene precio.
Te seguiré y espero que me visites.
Un beso (de todo un poco) (mis escritos)

Megan McAstocker said...

Love your blog, decided to follow! Please check out mine and follow if you enjoy


deanna7trees said...

oh these dolls are magnificent. i'm about to make a cloth doll but nothing as magnificent as these. i came over from the link in your comment at Jude's place.

deanna7trees said...

thanks for following my blog. i already signed on to follow yours.