Sunday, May 23, 2010

For the Love of Books

Have I mentioned I LOVE books? Since I was very small I have been obsessed with reading and books (give me Nancy Drew anyday...). My mom was a librarian. I took library science classes in college but they had no degree in it at MSU so I got my degree in Elementary Education. I have lots of children's books (I still buy them, though my kids are not so young anymore), lots of other books I've collected, both new and vintage. So - I pretty much never pass up a university library book sale. Really had to control myself yesterday, but I walked away with three vintage books - a story on rabbits (my other fav), one on snowflakes, and the other gorgeous one on growing violets~ I don't have a scanner so the images aren't that great, but the violet book has lots of beautiful pictures~

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Donna said...

I think your Violet book is a tresure. I love small vintagfe books as well but will not pay huge amounts to get one .Enjoy it .I love it