Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about remembering those who have died in our nation's service. None of my family died while in service but I still like to remember them on this day, and they are all still living. My dad served in the Air Force in the 50's but never had to be in a war; my guy Jim served in Vietnam with the Air Force 1964-1968; my nephew Tyler just graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs a few days ago and my Uncle Bill served in the Army during World War II! In my collection of grandma's treasures I have a stack of letters my Uncle Bill wrote to my grandparents and mom while he was stationed in Europe in WWII. I have read every single letter. My grandma had them tied up in this bundle. They are so awesome! The one on top is dated 1945. He was 20 years old at the time!


Maija said...

Wat a treasure those letters are!!!

Diane said...

Wow, thanks to all your family members for their service!