Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday FYI - Extension

photo by William Albert Allard for National Geographic 

I used to be an Extension Agent (otherwise known as field faculty for Montana State University). I was the Family & Consumer Science (Home Ec), Community Development and  4-H/Youth Development agent for Toole Co and Park Co in Montana. What does that mean? Here is the wiki definition . Basically, I was an adjunct faculty member of MSU who took research-based information from the university and used it for education and outreach for folks in a couple of counties. There is probably an Extension Agent in nearly every county in the U.S. (just ask me, I'll tell you how to find yours).  I taught workshops and seminars on nutrition, family financial planning, housing, gardening and parenting, to name a few topics, and I taught 4-H kids, prison inmates, homemaker groups, city officials, farmers, etc. Quite a diverse audience and quite a range of topics. I enjoyed every minute of it. If you want information on just about anything, Extension probably has the answer, or they know how to find it! Here is one very good publication - a timely bit of info for the new year - click on the title ~

Your Important Papers - What to Keep and Where - check it out...really. Great info - and most of the publications are FREE!

Now...why the National Geographic photo at the top of this post? I was just reading the January issue and realized that the last article in the magazine, which is titled "Riding Out Another Season" written by David Quammen, is a story about the place where I was an Extension Agent for about five years (Shelby, MT in Toole Co).  I know many of the people and places mentioned in the article. Kinda cool! Read the article online here.


Ella Violet Antiques said...

What an interesting job! I bet you really enjoyed it. :-)

SueBee said...

I will read your post again to get it Jamie but I have to tell you, don't you love blogging?! A place to tell people something!!!