Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Angel Food Cake

My grandma (Dad's mom) baked the best angel food cakes ever! I remember many birthday cakes with pink frosting and sprinkled with coconut or some nonpareil . I did not like the shredded coconut! Click on link below the cake for a yummy cake recipe. Below that is my inspiration for Thrifty Thursday. One of the vendors at our store bought these angel food cake pans from a local auction. We just had a new Safeway built so lots of things from the old store were for sale. I scored a cake pan from the vendor ... what can I do with it (besides make cakes?)... any ideas? Don't you also love the cart they are sitting on? Another auction item - I love it!


Ella Violet Antiques said...

Great finds! Wow! I love the cart the most. I bet it could go to use in your studio! I guess you should start making lots of cakes! I'm not a fan of shredded coconut either. Yuck! Oooh, bring a cake on Tuesday night!

SueBee said...

Put a candle in the middle and use the ring to hold anything like flowers, utensils, candy. Put an olive jar with water in the middle and add flowers.

SueBee said...

Use it for your craft room to store odds and ends.
I love the cart!!

Anonymous said...

I love to bake bread in a ring-shaped pan, for special occasions. Thanksgiving, Christmas, a party.... Somehow it looks more festive and special.

Jamie said...

Anonymous! What a great idea..thinking outside the box...or in this case ..outside the cake pan. I never thought to do something other than cake! Clever! Thanks. Jamie