Sunday, January 29, 2012

Studio Sunday - 'Royal Crowns'

We made these crowns for the Princess & Pea photo shoot. Found them in my studio today. Believe it or not we used Burger King crowns (the ones they give to kids) for the bases then added our own touches! Worked out pretty well! I've always been fascinated with crowns - it seems like a popular motif right now. I was fascinated by their history - read about them here!


Margaret said...

Burger King would be proud! these are awesome, what a gorgeous project, you make the best stuff! Mx

Anonymous said...

Pretty! You sure know how to spruce Burger King crown's up.

Privet and Holly said...

Jamie, this is
adorable! I'm
going to send a
link to a crown-
loving friend : )
Thank you for
your very kind
comment on my
blog, last week!

xx Suzanne